Lost a Loved One? How to Plan a Sports-Themed Funeral for a Beloved Sports Fan

When you think about funerals, you might think about stuffy flowers and boring music. If you recently lost a loved one who was a sports fan, however, you may want to do something a little more special to honor your friend or family member's life and passions. For example, a great option is to plan a sports-themed funeral. Follow these tips for a tasteful yet totally personalized memorial service that will honor your loved one in the best way possible.

Choose Flowers in Team Colors

Although people will probably want to send flowers to your loved one's service, this doesn't mean that you have to go with boring and non-fitting plants and flowers. Consider letting people know that you want the flowers to be in your loved one's favorite team's colors, or call the local florists and let them know about this preference.

Some florists might even add special touches by adding ribbon, vases or flower pots in these colors or even with the team's logo on them. These flowers will allow everyone to show their support while giving the funeral parlor a fitting look for your loved one's memorial service.

Consider Sports-themed Clothing for the Service

Consider using sports-themed clothing for the service. When choosing clothing for the deceased to wear for his or her burial, consider burying him or her with a sports-themed tie, clothing in the team's colors or even in sports memorabilia. Pallbearers and other participants in the service can follow a similar lead. For example, they can wear shirts, pants and ties in the team colors or can wear a team tie.

Create a Sports-themed Photo Slideshow

Many funeral services feature photo slideshows that offer pictures of the deceased and his or her friends, family members and passions. To make it truly fitting, consider giving it a sports theme. You can choose a background for the slideshow that has his or her favorite team's colors or logo, and you can choose fun pictures of your loved one wearing sports-related memorabilia or attending games and events.

There is something truly special about a sports fan, and your loved one was probably very passionate about his or her favorite sport. There is no reason to forget about all of this when planning his or her funeral, so consider following these tips when planning the perfect memorial service for the person you love. Contact local funeral services to ensure that your plans are still tasteful and respectful.